Code of Ethics

Baran Group has been guided by ethical principles since it’s inception in 1979. The group’s founders insisted on ethical behavior, which became a signature element of their leadership style.

In 2004 Baran formalized the elements of this value-based approach into a formal Code of Ethics, which was adopted and endorsed by the Baran Board of Directors.

Baran Group’s Code of Ethics

Key elements of the Code of Ethics include honest and ethical conduct, ethical management of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, full, fair, accurate, clear and timely disclosure of reports and documents, compliance with all laws and government regulations and procedures for reporting compliance violations.

Baran’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Counsel are responsible for the implementation, enforcement and supervision of the Code of Ethics. They report to the Board of Directors on a regular basis. In addition, Baran’s internal auditors conduct an ethics audit in the first quarter of every year, examining processes, practices and the effectiveness of the Company’s ethics policies. The auditors submit a report to the Executive Management Team along with recommendations for improvements.

Baran updates its Code of Ethics every two years. Those updates are followed by ethics training for all employees in the Company.

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