At Baran, we believe that volunteering not only benefits the community but also empowers employees and contributes to their personal growth and sense of responsibility. 150 employees volunteer in the community, which is almost 11% of the total employee workforce in Israel.

As an engineering company, Baran Group is committed to contribute its core engineering and technical expertise through the pro-bono work of its qualified, experienced employees to bring a positive change to the lives of local communities. Such activities are wide ranging and include many projects supporting underprivileged children, organizations with a social mission or other cultural activities. During 2009-2010, Baran supported
7 such projects on a pro-bono basis

This was a core value of the founding members of Baran Group over 30 years ago and remains an important feature of the Group’s activities.
During 2009, Baran Group undertook a strategic project to map the areas of community involvement which Baran Group advances with a view to encouraging the active participation and volunteering of Baran employees. All volunteering in the community is performed during paid work hours and Baran provides positive recognition for employees who engage in such important activities. Baran’s community involvement is based on three core focus areas:

  1. Engineering sustainable solutions for the community, leveraging Baran’s core capabilities to assist in the development of community infrastructures and social projects that improve the quality of life in the communities in which Baran operates.
  2. Advancing education, using the skills and capabilities of Baran employees to support schoolchildren and students.
  3. Supporting essential community needs, by contributing to the humanitarian and welfare needs of local communities in the areas in which Baran operates.