CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a self-regulatory mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms.
The term social responsibility refers to ethical conduct which takes into consideration the needs of different shareholders and interested parties in Baran group: the employees, shareholders, suppliers, clients, business partners, competitors, the wide public, the community and the environment. The implementation of this approach enables the Baran Group to express its consistent, established organizational culture, and its belief that social responsibility contributes both to the corporation and to the community.

Baran Group has a comprehensive outlook on the importance of social-environmental responsibility. The Group has formed this comprehensive outlook as part of its corporate vision, and it is meticulous in implementing this vision on an everyday basis, in order to develop, maintain and keep the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility to which it is committed.
Baran Group has been active in the social-environmental field for many years. In order to continue leading in this field, and to establish and maintain its commitment, the Group’s management and its board of directors have decided to prepare this report, out of the aspiration and belief that the report could contribute to an ongoing dialog with all of the interested parties, as it reflects the work and values we are committed to, which guide our actions.

Baran Group is classified in the top-ten list in the index of MAALA- Business for Social Responsibility in Israel, Israel’s first-ever ranking of companies based on corporate citizenship performance. The Maala Index is listed and traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Maala’s ranking laid the groundwork for the introduction of Socially-Responsible Investments (SRI) in Israel.

Corporate Responsibility (CR) in Baran is managed by the Corporate Responsibility Manager who reports directly to the CEO. The Corporate Responsibility Manager is responsible for leading CR   strategy development and execution, community relations programs and CR communications internally and externally. The CR Manager also leads the Green Forum which advances environmental awareness within Baran’s workplace. The CR Manager agrees strategy and presents progress quarterly to the Executive Management Team of Baran and also to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.