Construction & Site Management

Baran Group operates worldwide and has the resources, experience, knowledge and outstanding expertise to undertake any project, anywhere.
Over the last 25 years, Baran Group has proven its abilities in construction management in some of the largest and most sophisticated projects in Israel.

We prepare tender documents, evaluate the bidders, consult and advice regarding the selection of contractors and suppliers. From there we follow the construction process to its successful handover.
Baran Group coordinates the work of different specialized contractors in compliance with environmental, health and safety standards (ISO 9000,14000, OSHA 18000) while adhering to the strictest timetable, quality requirements and budget. For this reason, we use self-developed integrated software tools and provide our clients with online reports with progress-monitoring tools.

Procurement & Contracting

Baran Group offers professional procurement and contracting services. The Procurement & Contracts Department has unique procurement software that covers all of the following activities and more:

  • Preparation of project procedures to match client requirements
  • Preparation of general conditions and various standard attachments
  • Preparation of procurement requirement list
  • Issuance of RFI and/or RFQ and their follow-up
  • Technical and commercial evaluations of proposals and resulting recommendations
  • Negotiations
  • Issuance of purchase orders and contracts
  • Manufacturing inspections – local and overseas
  • Shipping coordination, forwarding and customs services
  • Site storage preparation and management
  • Receivables and inspections of equipment
  • Invoice checking and payment approval
  • Project books preparation

In addition, we produce reports allowing for accurate, real time follow-up on the above. Our purchase software is flexible and may be modified according to client requirements.

Project Management & Control

We provide management and control services with respect to the various aspects relating to projects, such as:

  • Project Integration
  • Scope (design, construction, EHS, etc.)
  • Timetable
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Communications and documentation
  • Risk management
  • Procurement

Baran Group provides full operation and maintenance services covering aspects of the plant or the factory.

Operation & Maintenance

We offer various services such as:

  • Overall plant operation and maintenance
  • Archives for control, instrument and electrical items
  • Engineering and construction services – design, sketches, layouts, isometrics, prefabrications, supervision, etc.
  • Human resources services
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Procurement
  • Validation

Baran Group offers a wide range of capabilities in the management, design, construction, programming and implementation of instrumentation, control systems, data acquisition and expert systems, which enables the automation of process industries in order to improve their yield and profitability.

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