GRI Report

Every two years Baran group releases GRI A level report, and is part of the UN global compact.
The preparation of the report expresses the behavioral norms of transparency and openness, and strengthens the bond with interested parties, enabling them to examine the Group’s activities in an exceptional manner.

We chose to write this report in accordance with GRI guidelines, as this organization works for the development and assimilation of global principles of reporting. It should be stated that this report was not prepared by various outside consultants, but by Group employees, in order to enable an honest and efficient examination of the presented facts and processes.

The report deals with the Group’s activities and includes objectives the Group has set for itself and achieved, as well as new objectives for the future. The report deals only with the Group’s activities in Israel. On some issues, the report deals with companies operating abroad, in order to present the interested parties with the full picture.
The report summaries a data collection process performed over a long period of time, and collects this data and presents it in the clearest possible manner. Although we chose to do this in accordance with current GRI approach, the report has not been received the GRI’s approval for rating. We strive to improve and focus on this issue, and submit the next Group report for GRI approval.

Baran Group’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2012