Haifa Chemicals South

A grass root plant, that is a world leader in Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer, Phosphoric Acid and Food grade ingredient manufacturing. The last are produced according to owner’s proprietary technologies. Two Nitric Acid Plants, based on acquired technology, were constructed in order to supply the required raw materials. The Utilities section included an 11 MW Steam Driven Cogeneration Power Plant consisting of steam boilers and their auxiliary systems. Also were included a large Cooling Tower, Instruments’ Air system, Power Distribution systems, etc. A neutralization plant and evaporation basins have been constructed to treat the acidic waste streams.

Being a grass root project the plant roads and fencing, workshops, warehouses, dining room, etc. were added.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.

Haifa Chemicals Israel Haifa Project Value: $90,000,000