Highway 65 – 85, Golani Junction – Amiad Junction

  • The project of upgrading the highway route into a two-lane two-way road, including earth works for three lanes.
  • The project is 27 km long, including construction of 7 small interchanges along the route and one interchange at the Nahal Amud junction.
  • Construction of 3 big bridges over Tzalmon, Amud and Akbara Rivers and removal of levees, construction of a passage for animals, execution of extensive earth works and construction of bridges in total length of 2 km.

In addition, the project includes execution of extensive earth works, piles in various diameters, extensive concrete works, construction of access roads to the villages along the highway, execution of safety upgrades, including additional lighting fixtures installation, construction of agricultural roads and passages, landscape works, infrastructures shifting and temporary and permanent traffic

Netivei Israel Israel Project Value: 1.2 billion NIS