Baran Group is an engineering and design powerhouse, aiming to deliver large turnkey projects for a wide range of customers in four continents.

Originated and still centered in Israel, Baran’s brand name is a signature of excellence for over thousand projects around the globe built over three decades. With offices all over Europe, North America, South America and Africa, Baran Group manages, designs, constructs and delivers factories and infrastructure facilities for states, municipalities and corporates.

With over 1,100 engineers in hand and unparalleled track record, we get up every morning and aim to supply better, more efficient and safer facilities to the people of this planet.

We rely on unmatched team of designers and engineers, who for almost 35 years, have been able to come up with the smartest solutions for customers – huge or lean – in sectors such as industry, communications, gas & petroleum, power and water. We comply with the strictest standards to insure safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

We’ve handled over thousand projects from inception to maturity, but are as passionate as rookies when a new customer places his next project in our hands. Let us lead your next infrastructure project, and join the hundreds of assured customers, who know: wherever they are, whatever the need – Baran Group’s experienced professionals will always be there for them.

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