Baran provides quality services for water treatment systems: conversion of low grade water to portable or irrigation grades; production of high purity water from portable water for the biotech and semiconductors industries and many more services.

Among our solutions: 

  • Desalination and portability treatment plants 
  • Pump stations
  • Transmission and intake pipelines 
  • Desalination & portability treatment plants

Baran is intensively involved in membrane solutions for desalination of water for portable domestic supply, industrial highly purified water needs and agriculture.

We offer: 

  • Program and project management 
  • Quality and safety management 
  • Feasibility studies, planning and principal engineering 
  • Site acquisition and lease management 
  • On-shore & off-shore civil engineering and site design 
  • Electro-mechanical design 
  • Procurement services for state-of-the-art desalination reverse osmosis equipment 
  • Transport, logistics and inventory management 
  • O&M management 
  • Upgrade and modifications of existing plants 
  • Environmental assessment for minimal pollution

Water Supply Projects Gallery: