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Baran Group provides professional services at the highest standard for projects in the fields of gas and energy in Israel and around the world. The projects include a complete solution envelope of initiation, design, execution, management, coordination, permits, and operation.

Baran’s natural gas unit is a major player in the Israeli energy market in general, and in the field of natural gas in particular. As part of the units’ activity, design for high-pressure longitudinal pipelines was and is carried out for the transmission company Israel Natural Gas Lines, as well as for gas stations and pressure reduction and metering systems.

In addition, many projects were carried out for the distribution companies that deploy low pressure pipelines in order to supply gas to a wide customer base.

The gas unit also specializes in the management and supervision of INGL projects, for example the project to build a PRMS (pressure reduction and metering) station near the Rutenberg Power Station for the purpose of converting the power plant from the use of polluting coal to natural gas.

The natural gas unit’s engineers and designers have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in the field of natural gas over the years, as well as proven capabilities in the statutory and licensing fields, which are reflected in the preparation of national outline plans, urban building schemes, obtaining building permits, and providing consulting services to various parties.

Our Projects

Doubling the Tzofit-Kiryat Gat line and the Be’er Tuvia line - "18+36"‎


Natural gas receiving station


Expansion of the Dor block valve station


Tank farms

Energy Infrastructures

Power plant in Ashkelon

Dorad Energy

Alon Tavor CNG compression and unloading station


PRMS at the Hagit power plant


Alon Tavor CNG compression in tanks

Supergas Natural

The Eastern Line Project


Natural gas block valve station


PRMS station (pressure reduction and metering) - Eshkol


PRMS station (pressure reduction and metering) - Bazan


Conversion of the Rotenberg Power Station to use natural gas instead of polluting coal


PRMS station (pressure reduction and metering) - Orot Rabin Hadera



CNG station and conversion of the Phoenicia Zipporit plant

Supergas Natural


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מעקב אחר התקדמות פעילה של התכניות וקידומן משלבי ההכנה המוקדמים ובמשך כל שלבי ההליך התכנוני.

איתור חסמים צפויים או קיימים לאישור התכנית והתראה על חסמים לביצוע התכנית המושתים בשלב התכנון ומזעורם ככל הניתן, תוך צמצום לוחות זמנים לקידום התכנון.

ניהול ועדכון שוטף של מסד נתונים הנחוץ לקיום תהליך בקרה תקין, הפקת דו”חות נדרשים, ויעול ושיפור הליך התכנון.

ריכוז פגישות מעקב תכנון, השתתפות בהם, ורישום  פרוטוקולים.

שירותים נוספים הנדרשים לבקרה, לייזום, למעקב ולקידום תכניות לפי דרישות הרשות.


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