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One-stop-shop – Baran provides its clients with a holistic solution according to the client’s requirements and needs, Baran Group has rich engineering management and design knowledge and experience in all its various fields of activity. Baran provides the client with full support throughout the entire project – feasibility studies and preliminary surveys, conceptual, early and detailed design, and supervision.

The management and supervision services provided in projects by Baran Group are performed according to advanced methods and tools, based on extensive professional knowledge and experience, and guarantee the provision of the highest quality services while meeting scope, budget, and schedule predetermined goals.

Baran Group applies innovative technologies and optimally adapts solutions to the client, including design in BIM environment and advanced superposition models. The company specializes in collaborations with foreign engineering companies which apply global technologies and expertise.

Our solutions include a variety of services:

The projects are managed according to the -

PMBOK Guide methodology

Thanks to a winning human composition that includes hundreds of professional and experienced experts, Baran Group prides itself on its ability to provide an available and professional solution to projects of various scopes and complexities, while fully adapting the scope of services to the client's needs and the nature of the project.



Baran Group carries out the construction of infrastructure projects and buildings of various types through the subsidiary “Kal Binyan” and “Kfir Kiduchim” companies, which has served as the Group’s contracting services since 2014.

The company carries out unique projects throughout Israel and has a reputation of a professional, strict, and reliable company. Thanks to high performance capabilities, the company manages to carry out complex projects to a high standard, using advanced technological means, and making sure to meet budget, quality, and time schedules.

Kal Binyan specializes in the fields of water and sewage infrastructure, with an emphasis on WWTP & WTP waste water and water treatment facilities and pumping stations, design& build projects for groundwater lowering systems, underground pollution purification, and other complex engineering projects.

In 2021, Baran Group increased its expertise in the field of water project execution by acquiring Kfir Drilling, known for its rich experience. Kfir Drilling has unique knowledge and equipment in the field of deep drilling, with an emphasis on water wells, which today enable the drilling of wells at depths of up to 2,000 meters.

Baran Group has the highest classification on record with the Registrar of Contractors in the following branches: 100 (construction), 200 (roads, infrastructure, and development), 260 (sewer, drainage, and water lines) and 500 (electro-mechanical systems in pumping stations)

Baran EPCO has been operating for 25 years in the Turn - Key projects of mobile sites for most of the communication companies in Israel. Projects of this type combine complex work and coordination with the authorities. The activity with the companies includes:



Project funding is a tool that allows Baran Group to finance projects in developing countries as well. Financing is an essential element, with tremendous benefits for both the contractor and the client. Baran Group’s local and international project funding activity is recognized thanks to its proven experience and expertise in project funding transactions in Israel and abroad.

The funding activity focuses on a variety of areas:

Baran Group is a partner in a large number of projects, most of them abroad, where the funding sources are leading international banks, foreign trade risk insurance agencies, development banks and the World Bank, institutions, and multilateral organizations around the world.


מרכז/ת בקרת תכנון

תיאור תפקיד:

בקרה תהליכית, תכנונית על תכניות מפורטות למגורים, תעסוקה, מסחר ותיירות המקודמות בהליכי תכנון סטאטוטוריים ואחרים, ברמה ארצית.

מעקב אחר התקדמות פעילה של התכניות וקידומן משלבי ההכנה המוקדמים ובמשך כל שלבי ההליך התכנוני.

איתור חסמים צפויים או קיימים לאישור התכנית והתראה על חסמים לביצוע התכנית המושתים בשלב התכנון ומזעורם ככל הניתן, תוך צמצום לוחות זמנים לקידום התכנון.

ניהול ועדכון שוטף של מסד נתונים הנחוץ לקיום תהליך בקרה תקין, הפקת דו”חות נדרשים, ויעול ושיפור הליך התכנון.

ריכוז פגישות מעקב תכנון, השתתפות בהם, ורישום  פרוטוקולים.

שירותים נוספים הנדרשים לבקרה, לייזום, למעקב ולקידום תכניות לפי דרישות הרשות.


בעל/ת תואר אקדמאי בתחום התכנון גיאוגרפיה, תכנון ערים, אדריכלות, כלכלה, מינהל עסקים, תעשייה וניהול, וניסיון מקצועי בתחום דומה.

הכרת תחום התכנון הסטטוטורי

נכונות למשרה מלאה בירושלים-חובה