Baran International is the international infrastructure and initiation vehicle tool of Baran Group, which is responsible for the execution of global projects, in all branches of execution, including the branches of civil engineering, development, construction, agriculture, communications, and industry.

During the last 40 years, Baran International has established projects in tens of countries in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia. Baran International provides a comprehensive project solution that includes design, procurement, and construction, while supervising, managing, and accompanying the project in the field until its commercial operation and delivery to the client.

Baran provides a comprehensive project financing solution based on banking and institutional financing bodies. Project financing is a tool that allows Baran to finance projects in developing countries as well.

High performance capabilities

Baran International provides a response to a variety of requirements in the projects in which it is involved and exercises a wide range of capabilities, including: water facilities, water supply pipelines, water purification facilities, desalination facilities, water supply plants, wastewater treatment plants, energy and renewable energy, environmental quality, public works, roads, bridges, dams, construction works, civil engineering, communications, border protection, HLS – Home Land Security and factories in a variety of industries.

Establishing infrastructure in developing countries

Baran International has carried out tens of projects in all corners of the globe, from the foothills of the Himalayas, through the African savanna and Central Europe, to the Amazon forests.

Baran International currently operates in East Asia, Thailand, Italy, and a large number of African countries. The company develops and builds complex infrastructure projects and specializes in turnkey projects, in which it provides a complete package of services, including the financing, design, obtaining approvals and permits, execution and operation for the project.

Holistic infrastructure


Baran Group sees its international activity as a mission that aims to influence the level of global infrastructure. It fulfills its purpose by exercising its extraordinary abilities:

The rich experience of Baran International’s engineers guarantees clients highly efficient design within the shortest period, in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with international and local standards. As part of the project design, Baran International makes sure to integrate advanced technologies in order to make it easier for the client to operate and maintain the project.

Baran International implements cutting-edge technologies while adapting the solution in an optimal way to the client, including 3D model design (BIM) and advanced superposition and coordination design of all discipline .

Baran International subscribes to the vision of Baran Group in regard to sustainability, as expressed in the company's current activities and in the execution of projects. Many years of activity in the markets have given the company successful experience in carrying out a wide variety of projects.


מרכז/ת בקרת תכנון

תיאור תפקיד:

בקרה תהליכית, תכנונית על תכניות מפורטות למגורים, תעסוקה, מסחר ותיירות המקודמות בהליכי תכנון סטאטוטוריים ואחרים, ברמה ארצית.

מעקב אחר התקדמות פעילה של התכניות וקידומן משלבי ההכנה המוקדמים ובמשך כל שלבי ההליך התכנוני.

איתור חסמים צפויים או קיימים לאישור התכנית והתראה על חסמים לביצוע התכנית המושתים בשלב התכנון ומזעורם ככל הניתן, תוך צמצום לוחות זמנים לקידום התכנון.

ניהול ועדכון שוטף של מסד נתונים הנחוץ לקיום תהליך בקרה תקין, הפקת דו”חות נדרשים, ויעול ושיפור הליך התכנון.

ריכוז פגישות מעקב תכנון, השתתפות בהם, ורישום  פרוטוקולים.

שירותים נוספים הנדרשים לבקרה, לייזום, למעקב ולקידום תכניות לפי דרישות הרשות.


בעל/ת תואר אקדמאי בתחום התכנון גיאוגרפיה, תכנון ערים, אדריכלות, כלכלה, מינהל עסקים, תעשייה וניהול, וניסיון מקצועי בתחום דומה.

הכרת תחום התכנון הסטטוטורי

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